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Enhance Your Home with New Double-Hung Windows

Homeowners favor the ease and elegance of double-hung vinyl replacement windows. With two operational sashes, these windows provide the flexibility to open either the top or bottom section for optimal ventilation. The modern design allows you to effortlessly tilt both halves of these double-hung replacement windows inwards for cleaning, eliminating the need for precarious ladder climbs or wrestling with hoses to clean the exterior surfaces of your windows. For improved energy efficiency and functionality, choose to install new double-hung windows.

Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Becker’s offers high-quality double-hung windows, offering an array of top-brand vinyl replacement windows. These windows, available in vinyl and composite materials, come in various sizes, styles, and colors, allowing customization to complement your home decor and fit within your budget. Every window in our collection is supported by a reliable manufacturer’s warranty.

At Becker’s, our commitment to affordability never compromises on quality. When you invest in windows from us, you’re also investing in our professional installation services for double-hung windows. Our skilled teams handle the removal of your existing windows with utmost care and execute the installation of your new double-hung replacement windows with precision. We prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to ensure your contentment with your choice of replacement windows, our installation proficiency, as well as our crews’ punctuality and meticulous attention to detail.

Why Choose Becker’s for New Double-Hung Windows?

Becker’s specializes in replacing double-hung windows. Our company is family-owned and operated, and our community involvement and industry expertise have aided our growth. Our reputation for exceptional service and dependability has made us the preferred contractor for replacement windows and doors in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows

A notable contrast exists between double-hung and single-hung windows concerning their ventilation mechanisms. Double-hung windows have two sliding sashes, providing versatile airflow options, while single-hung windows consist of a single movable sash alongside a stationary upper sash. The cost-effectiveness of single-hung windows, featuring a bottom-operated sash, appeals to homeowners seeking budget-friendly options. Both window variations present a spectrum of choices in materials, colors, and finishes to harmonize with the home’s aesthetic. Ultimately, the selection between double-hung and single-hung windows pivots on the homeowner’s preferences, financial constraints, and specific demands.

The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows stand as a coveted choice for homeowners, offering a multitude of advantages. Their unique design allows for versatile ventilation, permitting both sashes to be adjusted upward or downward, ensuring enhanced airflow and superior temperature regulation within the home. The convenience of inward tilting sashes makes cleaning a breeze, as access from the inside simplifies maintenance. These windows exude a timeless charm, preserving the classic allure often sought by homeowners looking to retain the original aesthetics of older residences. Additionally, their exceptional customizability—available in diverse materials, colors, and finishes—allows homeowners to precisely match their specific style preferences. Beyond aesthetics, these windows significantly contribute to increased energy efficiency by minimizing air leaks and bolstering insulation.

Double Hung Windows

Vinyl and Composite Window Materials

Specializing in the installation of premium double-hung windows, our company exclusively works with vinyl or composite materials, recognized for their durability, minimal maintenance, and energy-efficient properties. Vinyl windows, constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), are budget-friendly and exceptionally resistant to moisture, rot, and fading. Meanwhile, composite windows, made from a fusion of materials including wood fibers and PVC, offer a blend of the best attributes found in wood and vinyl windows. Our team undergoes rigorous training in window installation techniques, prioritizing precision in measurement and fitting to ensure optimal window functionality regardless of the types of windows you choose.

Trust the Experts at Becker’s for Your Double Hung Windows

Selecting the perfect company to install your new double-hung windows might feel overwhelming, yet at Becker’s, simplifying the process is our specialty. With a wealth of experience in home improvement, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted contractor for replacement windows and doors across the greater Wilmington area. Our commitment lies in delivering outstanding service, reliability, and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing every project meets our clients’ satisfaction. Call 1-302-463-8294 or contact us today and allow us to assist in revitalizing your home, enhancing its aesthetics, comfort, and energy efficiency with our top-notch double-hung windows.


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