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Vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding in the U.S. today. At our siding company, we install vinyl siding on hundreds of homes every year in Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding area. If your home is in need of new siding, call Becker’s Chimney and Roofing today.

Vinyl Siding Is Affordable

While homeowners may admire more expensive siding options such as natural stone, not everyone can afford it. One of the reasons vinyl siding is so popular is because of its low cost. It is manufactured cheaply and quickly, and is available in many colors.

Vinyl Is Low-Maintenance

Vinyl is a type of PVC plastic, which means it never has to be painted — the color stays fast for 20 years or longer without chipping, peeling, flaking, chalking or fading.

When you have cedar shakes or other types of wood, you must seal it periodically against the elements. Even then, real wood will not last as long as vinyl.

While vinyl siding does not need to be washed, you may want to hose it down from time to time if it has collected dirt or dust. If you have trees close to your home, your vinyl siding may also get mold, mildew or algae growing on it due to the shady conditions. Washing it with a bleaching agent can remove these stains.

Vinyl Siding Is Durable

Unlike wood, which can rot, and metal, which can rust, vinyl is extremely durable. It stands up to wind, rain, snow, sleet and hail with little to no effect. It also resists bug infestations.

Additionally, vinyl siding repairs are rare — siding usually only needs to be replaced if it has been struck by an object such as a tree limb or baseball. When vinyl siding cracks, our siding contractors can replace it quickly and easily.

Improves the Look of Your Home

When you get new vinyl siding, it’s like giving your home a makeover. New siding boosts property values and curb appeal at your Wilmington, DE, home. The return on investment for vinyl siding is close to 80% — pretty impressive when compared to other popular home improvements such as a master suite addition, which is closer to a 50% ROI.

If you’re only familiar with the ubiquitous beige vinyl siding, know that you have options, including a wide variety of colors and styles to make your home unique.





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