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StuccoNewcastle, De Stucco siding is a mixture of cement, sand, and water, and dries to a hard, rock-like consistency that’s smooth or rough, depending on the finish you prefer. Stucco is an age-old option that was used heavily by the Greeks. It is one of the most effective options available today. It is versatile, affordable, and long-lasting. You can change the texture and color of your stucco or paint over it once it is finished. Made from plaster and cement, it is fire-resistant. Stucco lasts for decades before needing to be replaced and is one of the most cost-effective compared to most other types of siding. Since several layers are added, it also contributes to the insulation of your home.

If Newcastle, De stucco siding is what your after, it is important to have a skilled professional, like our experts at Becker’s, discuss your options, install and repair your stucco. Proper maintenance of stucco requires regular power washing to remove stains and watermarks that develop. Hairline cracks will form overtime due to shifts in the foundation and environmental causes, and it is important that you have a professional patch these as soon as they are noticed before water and moisture can get to the wood and other building materials and cause more costly problems.

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