Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are constructed of an under layer and a top coat. The proper sealing is critical to the integrity and lifetime of the roof. This sealing needs to be checked regularly to ensure the roof stays leak-free, as flat roofs are logically the most common for roof leaks. Although used in every climate, they are typically roof recommend they be used in warmer climates that do not experience severe winter snow-build up (think several feet of snow for weeks at a time) and commercial buildings. As well as regular annual inspections, flat roofs require resealing and re-coating more frequently than their sloped counterparts.

Flat roofs typically have a sheet of material used to cover the top and are referred to as a membrane. The purpose of the membrane is to prevent leaks from the water. The materials on the flat roof have a slight pitch that allows the water to lead into a gutter rather than collecting on the roof causing cracks. Traditionally the top of a flat roof is covered in tar or asphalt material. Flat roofs are the most cost-efficient roof since both below the roof and on top can be used as living space. Flat roofs also provide a lot of space for solar panels as well. Using a tight waterproofing membrane can also create excellent plans for a green roof.

Inspections By Becker’s Roofers

As with sloped roofs, have a skilled professional roofers from Becker’s inspect your roof before and after the potentially hazardous snowfall of the winter season. We have the experience necessary to meet both your residential and commercial needs!

Flat Roofing Services
Flat Roofing Services