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Preparing Your Roof for the Upcoming Spring Period

Many major systems our homes utilize, both interior and exterior, require some simple planning for optimal success. A great example here is your roof: While our readers across Delaware are likely still thinking about protecting their roof from winter temperatures and elements, and rightly so, we’re already at a point where thinking forward to the upcoming spring season is valuable also.

At Becker’s, we’re here to offer roofing services for any kind of roof you may be utilizing, from asphalt shingles to slate roofs, metal roofs and many others. What are some key risks or issues that sometimes take place in spring after the long winter is over with, and how can you begin preparing your roof and surrounding elements to avoid these issues ahead of time? Here’s a simple rundown.

Broken Sealants

One issue that sometimes crops up after winter is broken sealants: In older roofs, the caulking or sealant around roof vents and other elements like chimneys can sometimes break down or become weakened. This means that after a winter of heavy snowfall, rain, and extreme temperatures, your sealants may need to be inspected and in some cases replaced altogether.

As you’re looking at your roof and assessing it, take note of any areas that appear to be cracked or lacking in terms of sealant. Then, you can contact a professional at Becker’s for an inspection or for replacements if needed.

Leaking Flashing

Another key area to inspect is the flashing: The metal pieces around your chimney, skylights and other areas of the roof that are prone to water damage. If the flashing is in poor condition, you may have hidden leaks that could be slowly damaging your home’s interior without being seen.

In order to prevent this from happening, inspect the flashing and make sure that it’s firmly attached and without any holes or gaps. If needed, you can also replace pieces of flashing with new, waterproof ones to ensure that your roof is airtight and functioning optimally.

Gutter Misalignment

Due to snow, ice and other debris, your gutters can sometimes be pushed out of alignment during the winter. This misalignment can lead to problems like water pooling or overflowing, which could eventually cause damage to your roof and home exterior.

In order to prevent this from happening, inspect the gutter system thoroughly after winter has passed. Make sure that all pieces are firmly in place and that any clogs or debris have been cleared away. If parts of the gutter appear to be bent, damaged or out of alignment, a professional can help you fix it back into place.

Moisture Damage

There are also other forms of moisture-related damage that can occur due to heavy rain and snow. This includes mold, mildew and rot, which can all be damaging to your roof’s structural integrity as well as cause health hazards inside your home.

The best way to prevent these issues is by making sure that your roof has proper drainage systems in place, such as a gutter system or downspout extensions. You should also check the interior of your home for any signs of water damage or mold, and if necessary contact a professional to help you assess the issue further.

Pest Infestation

Another issue to be aware of is pests: In the spring, critters like mice and squirrels can often find their way into your home or attic. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you inspect for any holes or entry points in your roof or walls, and seal them up if necessary.

You should also be ensuring that your home’s exterior is free of any debris that could be attractive to pests, such as wood piles or standing water. This also includes trash or food items, which can attract rodents and other critters.

Broken Shingles

For homes or building with shingle roofs, it’s especially important to inspect for any broken or missing shingles. During the winter and storms, these can become dislodged or even torn away by heavy winds. Without these protective layers in place, your roof becomes vulnerable to water damage and other issues.

In order to prevent this from happening, take a look at the shingles on your roof and make sure that they are all firmly in place. If any of them appear to be missing, damaged or loose, contact a professional for assistance with repair or replacement.

The spring season is an important time to inspect your roof and take care of any necessary maintenance that may have been delayed due to winter temperatures and elements. By doing this now, you can ensure that your roof is in top shape for the upcoming summer months and protect your home from any potential damage or hazards.

With professional help from Becker’s, you can have total peace of mind knowing your home is safe and secure. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or repair appointment!

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