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Beckers Wood Stove Sales is base in Wilmington DE, the County Seat for New Castle County.  We are the go to best Wood Stove sales and installation company, most referred in the County. Beckers has been installing wood stoves for our neighbors and friends for nearly twenty years. Most wood stove stores and online companies contact us for the install in New castle as we have the experience and know the county codes. We will sell you exactly what you need and save you money. We will install the stoves we sell and save you money. We think that is the smart way to purchase a stove and be safe at the same time. Why not go to the one stop shop in New Castle that sells and does the complete job. We started as installers but saw how many homeowners were over sold or simply purchased the wrong wood stove for the job. We are go to local business name in New Castle , which makes Beckers the best place to sell and install your wood stove by utilizing the correct codes. Township codes may very slightly throughout New Castle County. We build or repair existing chimneys, liners and caps when needed. Selling a wood stove is something that should be done by a local company. It is a fire hazard and if installed improperly you will have insurance problems if there is a fire. New Castle has very strict codes when it comes to many things, especially wood stoves and their entire installation including the chimney and flue.

New Castle County Wood Stove SalesWe will help you pick the correct stove for your home and service anything wood stove related. We are the best New Castle County professional wood stove installers and are prepared to sell you the brand you want and install it to code. Safety and your life demands that something as important as wood stove purchase and installation be done through out the entire wood stove experience. Wood stove sales done by Beckers is the correct choice for peace of mind and in the end will save you money. If your home is in New Castle County the first call should be to us. Even if you are sold from another wood stove business, chances are we will end up doing the install.

When you buy the stove from the company that has years of experience in New Castle County, you will get the best of what is available. We will never over sell a stove you don’t really need. Wood stove sales are easy, it is the entire package we put together so all you need is the firewood and someone to carry it in your house. Let us be be the go to brand to sell you the correct stove for your property and at the same time install it to guidelines and all safety precautions will be enforced. Beckers wants to be your one stop shop to buy your stove and give you piece of mind in  New Castle County.

Areas recently serviced in New Castle County: Delaware City | Middletown | New Castle | Newark | Wilmington | Bellefonte | Clayton | Elsmere | Newport | Odessa | Bear | Claymont | Delaware City | Hockessin | Middletown | Montchanin | New Castle | Newark | Odessa | Port Penn | Rockland | Saint Georges | Townsend | Wilmington | Winterthur | Yorklyn

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