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Gutter Cleaning Importance: Roof Lifespan, Siding and Foundation

There are a few year-round themes that home and building owners should be thinking about with regard to roof and overall structural care, and one of these is gutter cleaning and maintenance. While your gutters are technically their own components separate from your roof, the two connect in relatively obvious ways — and keeping your gutters in good shape can go a long way toward maintaining the overall quality of not just the roof, but also several other parts of your property.

At Becker’s Chimney and Roofing, we’re happy to cover this entire realm on behalf of our clients, with services ranging from roof and siding repairs through gutter solutions and many other areas. Why is cleaning and maintaining your gutters, whether on your own or with help from our team, so important for not only the gutters themselves, but also your roof and other parts of your property? Here are some of the most important themes to consider here.

Improving Roof Lifespan

As we noted above, roofs and gutters are linked in a variety of ways, but one of the most important is simply that your gutters play a role in how long your roof lasts. When rainwater and other precipitation hits your roof, it will naturally flow down to the edges, where your gutters are installed to catch it.

If your gutters are full of debris or otherwise not working properly, the water that is supposed to flow through them will instead seep into your roofing materials and create problems. During winter, this theme could become even more severe through the formation of ice dams. This, in turn, could lead to leaks or other damage and shortening the lifespan of your roof — not something you want!

Decreases Risks of Water Damage

Another key theme to keep in mind here is that if your gutters aren’t working properly, they’ll have trouble handling the water they’re supposed to handle. This means that precipitation could potentially find its way into other areas of your home or property — and this can lead to a range of different issues, from mold and mildew growth through wood rot or other problems.

Even if the water doesn’t cause any direct damage, it can still lead to a range of indirect issues, such as an increased risk of trips and falls (due to wet areas around your property) or simply adding to your home’s humidity level and creating an uncomfortable environment inside.

Protects Siding and Foundation

Siding and foundation are also connected in numerous ways to your roof and gutters. This is because precipitation that comes down from your roof, whether through the gutters or otherwise, can potentially lead to problems with these elements of your property.

This can be a two-fold issue: first, water dripping on siding could weaken it over time; second, a wet foundation could lead to problems with the overall structure of your home. This is a primary reason why it’s so important to maintain your gutters, keeping them free from clogs and other issues.

For more on the importance of gutter cleaning for several areas of your property, or to learn about any of our roof, siding, gutter or other services, speak to the team at Becker’s Chimney and Roofing today.

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