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Types of Doors

When it comes to your home’s entry doors, you want something that provides security, creates a welcoming entrance, and will give you many years of trouble-free operation. Becker’s installs several new types of exterior doors in styles to fit your needs. Our professionals will handle the entire process from start to finish – from helping you choose the right type of door to the installation. We work with leading manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality products so that you can have peace of mind that your home is safe, secure, looks great, and is energy efficient.

Upgrade Your Home’s Look and Functionality

Investing in new doors can significantly elevate both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Beyond merely serving as entryways, doors contribute significantly to the overall visual impression of your property. Upgrading to doors with modern designs and materials can instantly refresh your home’s appearance, enhancing its curb appeal and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. New doors often come equipped with advanced features such as improved insulation, security mechanisms, and smoother operation, enhancing both comfort and safety within your living space.

Choose from Durable Door Materials

The three primary materials that homeowners select for their doors are fiberglass, wood, and steel. Our door installation specialists work with all kinds of doors. These options all have advantages and disadvantages. The most common material for front doors is fiberglass since it is usually the least expensive, has a long lifespan, excellent energy efficiency, and requires little to no maintenance. Wood and steel doors are a little more expensive but for good reason. Regardless of the type of door you need, we’re here to help.


Each New Window

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*Restrictions Apply. Price quoted by contractor at the time of the estimate reflects the applied discounts and specials. Price written on contract and agreed to by customer is final, Additions to the contracted job and estimate, such as additional wood needed for example will be added to the contract end final price.

Steel Front Door Replacement

Front Doors

Make a spectacular first impression by customizing your front entry door. Becker’s can install a new front door that comes in a wide range of features and options. We consider your personal preferences, the architecture of your home, and the quantity of light you desire when choosing a new front door.

Patio Door Replacement Services

Patio Doors

Upgrade the look and security of your home with our quality patio door options and professional installation. At Becker’s, we offer attractive, low-maintenance patio doors in a variety of styles and colors. We install only the highest-quality sliding and hinged doors from leading manufacturers.

Patio Door Replacement

French Doors

Exterior French doors are a wonderful alternative for creating a classy entrance into your home. Depending on the hardware, material, and other ornamental aspects, French Doors can have a modern or conventional appearance with textured or clear glass panes, which can allow an abundance of natural light into the home.

Additional Door Replacement Services

Sliding Glass Doors

We provide smooth and silent sliding glass doors in a variety of styles and colors to complement any home. Add form and function that allows you to move between your interior and exterior living spaces. Newer sliding glass doors are highly efficient and secure so that you can spend more time enjoying your home.

Black Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Folding Doors are made up of several panels that can be folded or unfolded to open or close the door. A unique approach to blurring the barriers between the inside and outside, Folding Doors are an excellent way to open your home up when entertaining. These movable glass walls fold open and close allowing for a nearly unobstructed view.

Storm Door Replacement

Storm Doors

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s entryway with a protective storm door or screen door? We offer a variety of styles of storm doors, ensuring you get the appearance, natural light, and ventilation you want. Storm doors are also a great investment to ensure the strength and longevity of your main entry door.

Is it Time to Replace My Entry Door?

Doors serve a vital function within a household, serving as both entry and exit points while also being essential for security and enhancing the home’s exterior aesthetics. Enduring various forms of wear and tear, doors are frequently subjected to impact, whether from carrying groceries or enduring harsh weather conditions like wind, snow, and rain. Over time, the seamless functionality you initially enjoyed may diminish due to these factors. Regardless of the type of door you want to replace, you can rest assured that Becker’s will have your home protected and looking great.

We Also Install Interior Doors

At Becker’s, we don’t just specialize in enhancing the exterior of your home; we’re also experts in interior door replacements. Whether you’re looking to update the style of your interior or improve functionality, our team has you covered. From bedroom doors to closet doors, we offer a wide selection of high-quality options to suit your needs and preferences. Trust Becker’s for seamless installation and exceptional service, transforming every aspect of your home for the better. Contact us today to explore our interior door solutions and schedule your consultation.

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Why Choose Becker’s for Your New Door

Being a family-run company with many years of experience serving the Delaware Valley, Becker’s is the best option for your new door installation. Our A+ BBB accreditation and numerous positive online reviews are proof that homeowners trust us, and you can rely on us to provide excellent workmanship and stand behind it so you know your investment was worthwhile.

Contact Becker’s for a Door Replacement Quote

Becker’s has been a trusted name for door installation in DE, MD, NJ, and PA for many years and can help you improve your home with several types of new doors. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we ensure that your door installation project is seamless and hassle-free. Call us today at 1-302-463-8294 or contact us online to schedule an on-site consultation or with any questions about the types of doors we offer and the services we provide.


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