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Door Installation & Replacement

Are your home’s exterior doors welcoming and energy-efficient? With expert door installation and replacements by Becker’s you can choose from a wide range of doors for the inside and outside of your home or business, ranging from functional storm doors to elegant French and stylish patio doors.

The Benefits of New Door Installation

There are many excellent reasons to invest in a new door installation before your existing doors become inefficient, difficult to use, and less secure. Exterior doors are an integral aspect of your home’s building envelope and thus dictate how quiet and comfortable it is and how expensive it is to heat and cool. Front doors are a focal point of curb appeal, and exterior doors in general determine how secure your home is and affect the overall property value.

Why You Should Choose Becker’s

Becker’s is the right choice for your new door installation in the Delaware Valley because we’re a family business that’s served this region for many years. Homeowners trust us, which is reflected in our A+ BBB accreditation and many positive reviews online, and you can count on us to deliver superior workmanship and to stand behind that work.

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*Restrictions Apply. Price quoted by contractor at the time of the estimate reflects the applied discounts and specials. Price written on contract and agreed to by customer is final, Additions to the contracted job and estimate, such as additional wood needed for example will be added to the contract end final price.

Types of Doors We Install

You want doors that offer security, create a welcoming entrance, and will operate without issues for many years when it comes to the entry or patio doors in your home. From assisting you in selecting the ideal type of door, to handling the actual installation, our door installation professionals will guide you through the entire process. We work with top door manufacturers to give you the best products possible paired with our superior craftsmanship. From your initial door replacement consultation to the final inspection, you can rest assured that your new doors will be installed correctly and keep you safe.

Front Door Installation

Front Door Installation

An entry door is the most important exterior door as it’s integral to the curb appeal, functionality, convenience, and security of your home. Becker’s provides a full range of front door replacement and installation services and can help you choose the perfect fiberglass, wood, or steel entry door along with many different features, including transoms and sidelights.

Patio Door Installation

Patio Door Installation

Becker’s also specializes in patio door installation, including doors that open out onto decks and any other outdoor spaces. Many homeowners opt for sliding glass doors because they are affordable, conserve space, and are convenient to use, and our team also installs multi-slide and bifold patio doors. Exterior French doors are an elegant and timeless choice.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Door

Doors play an important role in the home. It’s not only your way from the inside to the outside of a house, but it’s also crucial for safety and curb appeal. Doors can withstand a lot of punishment. They are smacked into while carrying groceries from a car into a house. The wind, snow, and rain all yank and beat on their surface. The smooth operation of a door that you experienced when you first moved in may no longer exist.

  • Drafts-When seals around your door age, they can shrink or crack.
  • Scrapes along the floor or ground when you open and close door-old doors warp or sag, causing damage to your floors.
  • Visible cracks in your door-they let in pests and drafts but, more importantly, means the door is structurally weak, posing a security concern.
  • Excess amount of ants or pests inside.
  • Squeaky hinges are a literal cry for help and oiling will last only so long. Hinges wear down, increasing safety risk.
Benefits Of Replacement Doors
We Work With The Best Door Materials

We Work With The Best Door Materials

Our door installation pros work with all types of doors, and the three main materials homeowners choose are fiberglass, wood, and steel. Each of these options has its pros and cons. Fiberglass is the most popular option for front doors because fiberglass is typically the least expensive material while providing excellent energy efficiency with a long life and requiring little to no maintenance. A wood door will usually be the most expensive option. It also requires regular maintenance to keep performing as well as a fiberglass door, but the classic and elegant aesthetic of a wood door is unmatched. Steel doors generally fall in the middle price-wise and tend to provide the best security. Modern steel doors are also available in many different colors and designs, but they can be susceptible to dents that are difficult to repair.

Upgrade Your Home’s Style & Protection

Exterior residential doors have to look beautiful and be convenient, but they also have to be durable and energy efficient while providing a high level of security. A new door installation that’s going to deliver our customers an excellent return on investment begins with a high-quality door. It’s the reason that we offer the top products from the most trusted door brands. That selection includes ENERGY STAR doors, which guarantee you a certain level of performance and which may make you eligible for a federal tax credit that helps offset the investment.

Trust Becker’s for Your New Door Installation

Becker’s has been a trusted name for door installation in DE, MD, NJ, and PA for many years and can help you improve your home with new doors. Call us today at 1-302-463-8294 or contact us online to schedule an on-site consultation or with any questions about the doors we offer and the services we provide.


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