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Composite Deck Installation

If you want to upgrade your Delaware Valley home with a new composite deck, Becker’s is the company to trust. Becker’s has more than a decade of experience performing new composite deck installation in this region. We use only the highest-quality materials available. Each deck we build is designed for the unique home, and our team delivers superior craftsmanship that ensures a new deck that’s beautiful and safe for many years to come.

Lasting with a Composite Deck

Longevity is among the main reasons to choose composite deck installation for your home. A composite deck will last for decades and even as long as 50 years with proper maintenance. Not much maintenance is required in general, however, it is important to avoid standing water and make sure to sweep your deck often. Unclog gaps in the boards. Clean its surfaces as needed to remove any buildup of dirt, salt, or grease, and a deep clean twice a year is a good idea.

Should You Install a New Deck?

If you don’t currently have a deck, there are many great reasons to consider composite deck installation. It will improve your property value while beautifying and enhancing your backyard. If you do have a deck, then it comes down to its age and condition. Deck repair is an option, but if your deck is old or there are structural issues, then it will generally be more cost-effective over the long term to replace it.

Why Choose Becker’s as Your Composite Deck Builder

Becker’s is the right choice for composite deck installation throughout the Delaware Valley and surrounding areas because we’ve been established and trusted in this region since 2013. We’re a family-owned and -operated business that takes great pride in our craftsmanship and the exceptional customer service and care that we deliver to each and every client.


Custom Deck Build

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*Restrictions Apply. Price quoted by contractor at the time of the estimate reflects the applied discounts and specials. Price written on contract and agreed to by customer is final, Additions to the contracted job and estimate, such as additional wood needed for example will be added to the contract end final price.

Wood vs Composite Decking

With Becker’s, you have the choice of either wood or composite deck installation. Both are good options for your home, but there are some pros and cons to consider. Cost is a factor. A wood deck will be less expensive upfront, but it requires more maintenance and won’t last as long. Therefore, the wood deck may be more expensive over its life. Aesthetics is another consideration. Some homeowners prefer the natural and classic look of wood, and there are more design options due to the sheer range of stains and paints available. That said, modern composite decking is quite beautiful in its own right, and the top manufacturers offer a wide array of finishes to choose from.

Wood Decking Installation

Wood Deck Installation

If you prefer a wood deck, Becker’s can help with that as well. Our wood deck builders are highly skilled tradespeople and have experience working with both wood and composite decking. We work with pressure-treated lumber but also cedar and redwood decking and can finish your deck in a manner that will beautify and protect it over the next 20 years.

Composite Decking Installation

Composite Deck Repair & Rebuilding

If you currently have a composite deck that’s in need of repair, Becker’s provides those services too. We’ll perform a thorough inspection through which we’ll make sure that your deck is structurally sound. Our inspector will identify what needs to be replaced, and we’ll explore your deck restoration options with you, then, we’ll carry out precision repairs that restore the safety, functionality, and beauty of your deck.

No Obligation Composite Deck Installation Quotes

If you’re considering having a composite deck installed, Becker’s will come out to your home to provide a consultation at no cost and without obligation. During your appointment, we’ll answer your questions, explore your deck options with you, and provide you with accurate and upfront quotes.

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Becker’s will enhance your home and backyard with the deck of your dreams. Contact us online today or call us at 1-302-463-8294 to schedule a consultation or with any additional questions about composite deck installation.

Composite Deck Installation


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