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Contractors that Work with Insurance Companies

Becker’s is among the leading exterior and interior home remodeling companies in the Delaware Valley and has been serving this region for more than a decade. We’re often hired by homeowners to perform repair work that is covered by insurance, and one of our most important roles in those scenarios is serving as a liaison between our client and their insurer in order to make that process as easy as possible on them. But it’s important to note that not all companies are contractors that work with insurance companies.

Do You Have to Work With Your Insurer’s Contractor?

Many insurers have preferred contractors. These are companies that they have built a relationship with and are confident in delivering good work at a fair price. It’s important to note that these companies do not work for your insurer and to answer the question, no, you do not have to select a preferred contractor. You have the right to choose the contractor that you prefer.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Contractor that Understands Insurance?

The preexisting relationship between the insurance company and the preferred contractor can provide the homeowner with a certain level of protection. Major repairs to a home often involve unforeseen issues. Those additional repairs will require adjustments to the insurance payout, and that’s all but guaranteed to be a seamless experience for you. That said, experienced contractors that work with insurance companies know how to navigate these processes to make it a hassle-free experience for the customer as well.

What Are the Pros of Hiring Your Own Contractor?

You have much greater control over the home repair when you choose and hire a contractor rather than selecting a preferred contractor. The trade-off here is that you do take on some risk, such as an unexpected cost that the insurer refuses to cover, but you can largely mitigate that risk by limiting your search to experienced and reputable contractors that work with insurance companies.

How Do You Choose a Contractor That Works With Insurance Companies?

Limit your search to contractors that are licensed and fully insured. Contractors that have a track record of successful work and who have references and referrals supporting that work. Focus on contractors that work with insurance companies but are also experienced on that front, and ask them questions about how they will handle the claim, what your responsibilities will be, and what will happen in the event additional work is found and perhaps the insurer refuses to cover it. Whether you need to repair a storm-damaged roof, replace cracked windows, or fix up your finished basement, having a skilled contractor on your side is a must.

Becker’s Is Here to Help with Your Home Repair and Replacement Needs

If you need repairs to your home located in the Delaware Valley or the surrounding areas, we’re happy to come out to assess the repair and provide you with an estimate, and if the work is covered by insurance, we can discuss that aspect of the job with you as well. Contact us today to schedule that appointment or with any additional questions about contractors that work with insurance companies.

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