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Chimney Repointing

Chimney repointing is necessary when the mortar in the joints between the bricks is deteriorating or even has pieces missing. Properly done mortar joints can last for 25 years before repairs are needed. Weather plays a huge factor in determining the life of your mortar joints so chimney waterproofing is a good way to extend the life of your chimney.

Chimney Mortar Repair Specialists

The weather for the piedmont region, which includes the Delmarva Peninsula, southeastern Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas is quite unpredictable. We are very susceptible to dramatic changes in temperatures and a variety of precipitations changing rapidly from one type to the other–especially between seasons. This weather slowly destroys mortar. With precipitation and condensation, water absorbs into the mortar and brick, and then expands and contracts with the temperature fluctuations. Over years of thermal expansion cycles, the expanding brick overpowers the compression strength of the expanding mortar, causing damage to the mortar. Often times, only a portion of the chimney needs repointing while the remainder is in good condition.

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Chimney Repair

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*Restrictions Apply. Price quoted by contractor at the time of the estimate reflects the applied discounts and specials. Price written on contract and agreed to by customer is final, Additions to the contracted job and estimate, such as additional wood needed for example will be added to the contract end final price.

Reasons for Chimney Repointing

Chimney repointing requires a skilled masonry professional with specific repointing expertise. Call Becker’s today to make an appointment with our experienced chimney repointing professionals!

  • Deterioration of Mortar Joints
  • Water Damage
  • Sructural Damage
  • Chimney Leaks
  • Aesthetic Concerns
Chimney Repointing


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