Stanton , DE Chimney Liners

Becker’s will provide you with highest quality stainless steel chimney liner and insulation process for your Stanton , DE home or business, as well as exceptional masonry work to meet your chimney needs. Chimney Liner Installation 3What is a chimney liner? Inside your chimney is a passage for flue gases, created by combustion, to exit your Stanton , DE home. This passage is called a liner. Chimney liners are intended to protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion, as the gases are directed outside. However, some chimneys do not have a liner (especially older homes and buildings) and flue gases travel inside the bricks that make up the chimney. It is highly recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America that you have a chimney liner installed and have a specialist, like our technicians at Becker’s, ensure that your liner is up-to-code. Liners serve three main functions for the home:

  1. Liners protect the masonry of your chimneys from combustibles. According to tests done in the 1940s and 1980s by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (then known as the National Bureau of Standards, NBS), when flue gases are allowed to penetrate the brick and mortar of the chimney, the life expectancy of the chimney is diminished as the acidic nature of the flue gases literally eats away at the mortar joints from the inside, resulting in the increased likelihood of dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide to leak in the living areas of the home.
  2. Liners protect the house from heat transfer to combustibles. According to these tests by the NBS, unlined chimneys allowed heat to move so rapidly that the woodwork caught fire in just 3 1/2 hours.
  3. Liners provide a correctly-sized flue for the most efficient use of modern wood stoves and gas or oil furnaces.

For the safety of your Stanton , DE home or business and those who dwell inside it, choose Becker’s to provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for your chimney today!