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Chimney Sweep Near State

When you need a chimney sweep near State, trust the team at Becker’s. We’re a fully licensed and insured remodeling contractor that offers a full range of residential and commercial chimney services, including chimney inspection and cleaning. The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual cleanings, and our chimney sweeps are highly skilled and experienced professionals who carry out inspections and cleanings in accordance with all NFPA guidelines.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

There are many great reasons to schedule a chimney sweep near State each year, but energy efficiency is one that doesn’t get enough attention. Having a chimney is fundamentally less efficient than not as it allows warm and cool air to escape. Modern chimneys are insulated, and it’s important to replace the flue liner with a new one before it wears out. Becker’s recommends sealing unused fireplaces for maximum efficiency, and for fireplaces that you use, you should install a top seal damper, repair or replace warped dampers, and seal cracks and crevices as needed. A clean chimney will also have better airflow and thus provide more efficient heating in winter.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Chimney Cleanings

Not scheduling an annual chimney inspection and cleaning is a common mistake that many home and business owners make, and the number one danger is a chimney fire. Soot, creosote, and debris build up in a chimney over time and can ignite in an uncontrollable way. The other issue is indoor air quality. A dirty chimney can emit carbon monoxide into the home. CO is a colorless and odorless gas that can lead to poisoning that causes flu-like symptoms and eventually death. Even if it’s not releasing CO, a dirty chimney is continually releasing toxins that undermine air quality and lead to various health issues, and your local chimney sweep near State can remove all of that toxic material.


Chimney Repair

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Trusted Chimney Repair Services

Scheduling a chimney sweep near State every year is important because it protects against fires, energy inefficiency, and diminished indoor air quality. But it’s also an opportunity to have your chimney inspected by a professional and have any needed maintenance or repairs performed in a timely manner. Most chimney repairs and rebuilds are completely avoidable, and scheduling an inspection annually will actually save you money over the life of the home.

During the cleaning of your chimney, our chimney expert will perform a comprehensive inspection and then provide you with an update on the overall health of the structure. In most cases, a cleaning is all that’s required, but we will recommend preventative services as needed. That can include waterproofing or replacing chimney components, such as the cap, dampers, or lining. If there is already extensive damage to the chimney, we also provide repointing and rebuilding services.

Does Your Chimney Need Repairs?

Booking an appointment with a chimney sweep near State every year will take the guesswork out of what maintenance your chimney requires, but if it’s been a while, there are some signs to watch for. These include white staining, which is efflorescence and an indication of a moisture problem. Rust on the firebox or damper also indicates excess moisture. Deteriorating mortar joints need to be fixed before the problem becomes much more serious. Shaling within the chimney likely means that the flue is damaged, and spalling is similar but occurs outside the chimney. Damaged paint, wallpaper, or drywall in the home near the chimney is also a sign that water is getting into the home through the chimney.

Chimney Cleaning

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A Full Range of Chimney Services

Inspection and cleaning are the only services your chimney needs on an annual basis, but there is other upkeep that it may need from time to time. This includes waterproofing, which we recommend every five years or so. Our team can also replace caps, liners, and other chimney components as needed. If you have minor damage to your chimney, we can repoint it, and if your chimney has experienced significant damage, we can rebuild it.

Dependable Inspection Services

Our chimney inspections give our customers peace of mind because they’re comprehensive and performed by a skilled chimney technician who has extensive experience and training. We’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need moving forward, and if we advise maintenance and repairs, we’ll give you accurate estimates for that work at no charge and without obligation.

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Homeowners and businesses near State have trusted Becker’s for cleaning and other chimney-related services for many years, and we’re confident that we can make you our next loyal and long-time customer. Schedule a chimney sweep near State online through our website, or call us at 1-302-463-8294 with any questions about the services we offer.

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